Reeyee DS

®Wiiboox Reeyee DS Series

Handheled Laser 3D Scanner

0.02mm Scanning Accuracy,
High-precision of Metrological Level

The Wiiboox REEYEE DS applies an innovative global error control algorithm. According to the VDI/VDE test standard, its scanning accuracy of a single frame can be up to 0.02mm and the volumetric accuracy can reach 0.02+0.04mm/m, providing you with a more accurate 3D inspection experience.

Stable repetition accuracy,
your reliable 3d detection assistant

We use the Wiiboox REEYEE DS to repeatedly scan the Standard ball and stick. By comparing the 3d measuring data and standard data of the distance between the two balls, we can see that the deviation value of ten 3d scannings is only between 0.0013-0.0474m, vary stable and reliable repetition accuracy.

he test result of the same workpiece is consistent after many times of measurement
When the same workpiece is scanned and measured many times and the deviation between the scanned data is compared, the deviation value is the repetition accuracy.

Large frame and high speed scanning,
easy for complex large workpiece

The single scanning frame of the Wiiboox REEYEE DS can reach 510mm*520mm. Combined with powerful 3D vision algorithm, its scanning speed can be as fast as 1,020,000 points/second, and the data reconstruction speed can reach 70FPS in the high-end computer, bringing users a smoother and more efficient scanning experience.

Scanning speed: 650,000 points/second(REEYEE DS7)
Scanning speed: 1020,000points/second(REEYEE DS11)

0.05mm spacial dot distance, much richer surface details

The spacial dot distance is as small as 0.05mm, which makes the Wiiboox REEYEE DS can easily capture much richer suface details and display the dedicate details of the workpiece in high resolution in order to take care of your diversified 3D scanning needs.

※Light Source:14 lines + 1 line of blue laser light (REEYEE DS7)
22 lines + 1 line of blue laser light (REEYEE DS11)

No fear of black or reflective surface,
wider material adaptability

Thanks to the powerful 3D vision algorithm, the Wiiboox REEYEE DS supports real-time one-click switching of object characteristics in the software according to the surface material characteristics of the scanned object, which makes it easy to deal with the scanning work of complex surface materials.

Double scanning modes,
wider adapbility of complex shapes

The Wiiboox REEYEE DS supports two scanning modes: multi-line scanning and single-line scanning. The multi-beam cross blue laser lines has wide scanning range and fast scanning speed, which is suitable for the scanning of medium and large workpieces, while the single beam blue laser line mode is suitable for scanning workpieces with complex shapes such as deep holes and narrow grooves.

Thoughtful design makes 3D scanning easier.

Application Cases

The Wiiboox REEYEE DS Blue Laser Hand-held 3D Scanner can meet the diversified 3D detection needs in many industries. It can provide high-precision three-dimensional detection solutions for automobile industry, transportation and aviation industry, aerospace industry, mold inspection industry, energy manufacturing industry, machinery manufacturing industry and many other industries .