Working Principle

Under the irradiation of high density laser energy, metal powders can be completely melted. After cooling, they can be shaped and welded. It is through this process that SLM technology forms the 3d model layer by layer.


Multiple precaution system protects both human and machine. Sealed work chamber and elastic sealing device with floating balance force protect the printing stability and safety, especially when printing active metal materials.

High Printing Accuracy

Small laser facula and thin layer thickness guarantee more precise printing accuracy. Unique scanning-path and oxygen monitoring system ensure high printing performance. Choose different scrapers according to different printing materials and printing requirements.

Easy Operation

Free Opening of the core technical parameters of the building process. Online real-time modification of the printing & material parameters. Intelligent powder coating method highly saves the printing time. Faster scanning speed ensures printing efficiency.

Multiple Printing Materials

Wiiboox SLM250 Metal 3D Printer can print stainless steel, die steel, cobalt chromium alloy, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, nickel base alloy powder, etc.

  • Die steel H13

    Industrial components

  • Cobalt chromium alloy

    Industrial components

  • Nickel base alloy powder

    Industrial components

  • Aluminum alloy

    Industrial components

  • Copper alloy


  • Stainless steel

    Arts and Crafts

Customer Cases

Wiiboox SLM250 Metal 3D Printer can print metal parts with complex structure to help shorten product development cycle and reduce R & D cost.

  • Printing Material: Die steel H13

    Printing Size: 210X140X160mm

    Printing Technology: SLM

    Problems to be Solved: solving the problem of thermal stress concentration of injection parts to improve the precision, so as to further improve the life of the mold.

  • Printing Material: Stainless steel 316L

    Printing Size: 180X130X180mm

    Printing Technology: SLM

    Problems to be Solved: shortening the R & D cycle and acquiring more accurate test result.

  • Printing Material: Copper alloy

    Printing Size: 220X220X100mm

    Printing Technology: SLM

    Problems to be Solved: good density and good mechanical properties, no need of post-treatment process.

  • Printing Material: Cobalt chromium alloy

    Printing Size: 300X300X80mm

    Printing Technology: SLM

    Problems to be Solved: suitable for customization of single piece or small batch of functional parts.