Wiiboox Reeyee TRAK Measuring System


Dynamic Tracking, No Need of Markers

Wire/Wireless Two Modes

No Need of Markers

High Stability

Metrology Level Accuracy

Dynamic Tracking

Based on the principle of dynamic optical tracking, the scanning system can track the positioning of the scanning head and accurately measure the 3D shape of the target in real time, enabling high-precision 3D scanning without the need to stick markers. Unlike conventional laser handheld scanners, Reeyee Trak's innovative working mode allows users to focus on the scanning process and obtaining results, rather than spending time on tedious preparation stages such as sticking markers.

Wireless Technology

Without cable connection between the optical tracker and the scanner, a 3D scanning measurement system is quickly built by using accurate wireless synchronization and high-speed wireless link transmission technology, and the “wireless free” 3D scanning without markers and constraints is realized.

Metrology Level Measurement

The measurement accuracy of Wiiboox Reeyee Trak reaches metrology level with high repeatability. The accuracy is up to 0.03mm and the resolution is 0.05mm.

Independent Working Mode

The 3D scanner has a built-in LED light source, which can be used as an independent wireless handheld 3D scanner for independent scanning.

Application Cases

The Wiiboox Reeyee Trak can meet the diversified 3D detection needs in many industries. It can provide high-precision three-dimensional detection solutions for automobile industry, transportation and aviation industry, aerospace industry, mold inspection industry, energy manufacturing industry, machinery manufacturing industry and many other industries .