Wiiboox Reeyee TRAK Measuring System

Technical Parameters Notice: The parameters below are only for your reference.

Accuracy Up to 0.030 mm
Volumetric Accuracy 0.064mm @9.1m³ 0.096mm @ 16.6m³
Resolution 0.050 mm
Measurement Rate 480,000 measurements/s
Recommended Object Size 0.2- 6 m
Connection Type Support wireless and wired connection
Weight 7. 2kg 1.2 kg (Scanner) +900g (Airmaster)
Dimensions(mm) 1079 x 237 x 110 210X210X215
Light Source Infrared LED 7 pairs of crossed red laser + 1 extra laser line
Laser Class N/A Class 2
Stand-off Distance 3,000mm 300mm
Depth-of-field 2,000mm 250mm
Scanning Area 3000 x 2500mm 275 x 250 mm
Connection Standard IEEE802.11n/ac, 1EEE802 3ab
Output Formats .stl, . asc
Working Temperature 5- 40°C
Working Humidity 10- 90% (non-condensing)