Wiiboox W600 Pro 3D Pringer

Huge FDM 3D Printer

Intelligent Touch Screen Power-off Resume
Auxiliary Auto Leveling

Five Major Upgrade Points

servo motor

guide module

silicone heat bed

7" LCD display

4-screw linkage

Closed-loop control technology, No lost steps in operation

The encoder is used as the position feedback, so that the stepper motor has servo closed-loop characteristics, which can compensate the position deviation in real time and fundamentally solve the problem of losing steps occurred in the traditional stepper motor.

Dual-axis guide module

The XY axis adopts dual-axis industrial-grade guide rail, which makes the printing motion quieter and preciser.

High-power silicone heat bed

Effectively prevent printing problems, such as warping and deformation.

4-screw linkage mechanism

The 4-screw linkage mechanism of the Z axis makes the up-and-down motion steady and firm, and the printing surface smoother, so that the giant model as heavy as 80kg can be printed out.

Model Display

Fast printing · Safe & environmentally friendly · Low cost