Reeyee SP

Technology Principle

Reeyee SP desktop 3D scanners with high-precision industrial vision sensors and lenses, modular building expandable body design, built-on on demand, with fully automatic dual-axis turntable, one-click for 3D scanning of different sizes and precisions. Ultra-thin turntable, integrated folding body for three seconds, small space occupation, convenient packaging and storage; three working distances for the body to choose from, refreshing cable management, magnetic installation, plug and play.

  • Ultra-thin turntable Ultra-thin two-axis turntable industry new benchmark
  • Seamless Seamless docking 3D printing
  • Super dual axis Fully automatic two-axis turntable, one-click to achieve three-dimensional scanning of different sizes and precision
  • Fully automated Turntable automatic stitching
  • Super expansion Multi-resolution multi-precision on-demand combination
  • Extreme speed scanning It takes only 3 minutes for the turntable to scan one circle

Technological advantage

  • Building block expansion

    Multi-resolution Multi-precision Combination on demand
  • Ultra-thin two-axis turntable

    New industry benchmark
  • Hidden line position

    Say goodbye to the hanging cable, annoying little tail
  • Ultra-thin double shaft

    Second fold
  • Easy assembly

    Magnetic positioning 1 second in place

3D Maker education

Desktop 3D scanner

  • One-button operation

  • Rapid scanning

  • Perfectly compatible

  • Full automatization


  • Small industrial parts

  • Cultural relics / VR、AR file

  • Education

  • Footwear scanning

  • Product reverse design

  • Nuclear scan

  • Ear print

  • Toy hand