Wiiboox Reeyee 9M 3D Scanner


High precision High resolution Multi range fast switching

Brand New Appearance

The brand new designs of appearance and internal structure ensure the stability of the internal optical and electronic components. 

Blue Light Technology,
Strong Anti-jamming Ability

By using narrow-band blue light source, the ambient light interference can be effectively filtered and high-quality scanning data can be obtained in the process of image acquisition.

High Precision Inspection

The inspection requirement at metrology level is realized by using high-performance hardware module and powerful 3D reconstruction algorithm.

9 MPx High Resolution Camera

The blue light scanning system is equipped with two 9 million-pixel high-resolution industrial cameras, which can obtain high-precision features.

Multi-range Fast Switching

Two groups of replaceable high-resolution industrial can be used to meet the measurement needs of different ranges through fast and convenient switching.

Application Fields

Wiiboox Reeyee 9M Blue Light 3D Metrology Scanner can be widely applicatedd in the fields like automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronic products, mold manufacturing, heritage identification, technical investigation, reverse design, etc.