Wiiboox Light 280S LCD 3D Printer

Wiiboox Light 280S

Mono 8K LCD Resin 3D Printer

Our advantages

  • 30μm Spot Size
    More detailed presentation

  • 10.3" Mono Screen
    8K High Resolution

  • Faster Printing Speed
    35mm/h (0.1mm layer thickness)

  • Longer Screen Life
    Quadruple the life into 2500h

  • Quick Dismantling Pringting Platform
    Easy & fast replacement

  • Newly-added Activated Carbon Module
    Purify bad odor & reduce air pollution

8K High Resolution, Enjoy the Beauty of Details

8K solid screen, with only 30μm spot size and 0.03mm layer thickness. Even complex and tiny detail features can be presented accurately, clearly, completely and easily, providing you with a stable output of high-quality, high-precision printing models.

Fivefolod Leap, 10.3" Mono Screen

Wiiboox Light 280S LCD 3D Printer chooses the monochrome screen with high transmittance. Compared with the normal LCD color screen (500h), its average working life reaches 2500h. And the single layer exposure time is greatly shortened from 7-9s to 2-3s.

Self heating, Thermostatic Control Printing

The WIIBOOX LIGHT 280S has applied new self heating function. With this function, you can set the temperature on demand (25/30/35 ℃, three optional), so that the device can print at the thermostatically controlled environment, which can effectively avoid problems such as resin brittleness caused by low temperatures to enhance print stability and improve printing rate.

Bigger & No Limitation

With almost unmatched 220*128*280mm large build volume, Wiiboox Light 280S LCD 3D Printer can complete printing much larger models at one time, which will effectively reduce the disassembly rate and improve the efficiency of batch printing, to bring you a new technology experience -- creation without limitation!

Independent Activated Carbon Module, Efficient Odor Purifying

You love light-curing 3D printers, but you are afraid of the bad odor of resin? WIIBOOX LIGHT 280S can solve your worries. The new independent high-density activated carbon purification module can efficiently remove the odor and quickly purify the air, to create a clean and fresh printing environment for you.

Paralleled Ultraviolet Source, Uniformity >85%

Adopted the paralleled ultraviolet source, the light emitting degree of uniformity of Wiiboox Light 280S LCD 3D Printer can be greater than 85%. 69 pieces of 405nm UV beads are emitted evenly to ensure that the energy in the printing area is uniform and stable, in order to effectively improve the printing effect and model forming rate.

Unique & Smooth Lifting System

The Z-axis lifting system of Wiiboox Light 280S LCD 3D Printer adopts the combined structure of ball screw and linear guideway. Although the unit cost is increased by more than 5 times, we think it is worth it. Stable and smooth Z-axis lifting can effectively eliminate the printing layer lines and make the model surface more smooth and delicate, thus reducing the workload of post-processing.

“Green Hand” Can also Play it Easily. Wiiboox Light 280S, a 3D Printer that Knows You Better

Supporting various kinds of resin, more enjoyable creations

Wiiboox Light 280S LCD 3D Printer supports printing various kinds of resin, such as rigid resin, ABS resin, elastic resin and high temperature resistant resin, which can be used in craft art design, handicraft model, engineering design verification, soft plastic mold, and wearable device.

Model Presentation