Wiiboox Three-M FDM 3D Printer

Wiiboox Three-M

Shape strong, all-round evolution

  • 310*310*350mm Printing size

  • 0.1-0.2mm Printing precision

  • 7'' Touch Screen Friendly interactivity

  • Auto Malfunction Inspection Built-in diagnostic function

  • Save and Resume Solution for power failure

Large size printing
Larger printing space for more creations

The 310*310*350mm super large build space can meet more printing needs. Please enjoy more printing fun and feel free to do whatever you want!

Four-door opening design
Fully enclosed printing space

We still apply a safe and simple fully enclosed fuselage design. All the four doors -- left, right, front and upper can be openned, more suitable for large-size model printing and removing. The design is also very convenient for user when changing and feeding the filaments or maintaining the machine.

High presion printing
You can have your cake and eat it!

Maintaining the high-precision printing at 0.1mm level is very rare in large-size 3D printers, but Wiiboox Three-M makes it!

Nine points and double line
Upgraded leveling system, smooth, accurate and stable

The inductive nozzle moves on the platform and locates the positions by touching the nine points. At the same time, the two rods will be pulled. The whole leveling process is smooth and efficient. With this upgraded leveling system, the printing accuracy and stability can be improved 4 times.

Brand new 7th generation MCU
More powerful function

The use of the 7th generation control motherboard can improve the performance and data processing ability of Wiiboox Three-M to a new level. The 2-times building speed helps users to achieve their creative dream!

Strong and intimate
Humanized appearance design, more intimate

The upgraded all-metal integrated body has warm and smooth corners and lines, which makes the carry more safe and stable. What’s more, it can also greatly reduce the vibration during printing, and ensure the printing quality.

7“ color screen
A rare and valuable experience upgrade

7'' color screen, simple and user-friendly interface and FAQ give you a more comfortable touch experience, more intimate professional guidance.

  • Z axis offset adjustment

  • FAQ

  • 7 Languages Switching

If the printing fails, users can
detect the fault module by himself.

The Three-M has a fault diagnosis function, which can seperately diagnose motor, switch, nozzle fan. If there is any abnormality, users can find the fault point under the interface guidance.

Pause printing? Power failure? Filament
running out ? Everything is ok!

“Can I pause the printing for a moment?”, “Can the printer alarm if the filament is running out?” “Of course!” For these common problems, Wiiboox Three-M has all solutions in advance in case you need them.

Three-layer air filter module
Safe for printing and creation

Wiiboox is always meticulous about the users’ safety. A three-layer air filter module has been added into the Wiiboox Three-M FDM 3D Printer, which can prevent users from the fine particles produced in the printing process and take care of their health.

Quiet in the whole process
Save power and trouble

When printing, the Wiiboox Three-M is quite enough, not affecting work and sleep. When finishing the printing, it will power off automatically, very power-saving and intimate.

Support multi-color filaments
Display your colorful inspiration

Wiiboox Three-M FDM 3D Printer is compatible with multi-color PLA, ABS filaments, which can display your colorful inspiration.

Model Display

Real picture, no retouching