Never Plug

With the special design of pen nib, Wiiboox Writer 3D Pen is not easy to plug when drawing. Just draw what you imagine smoothly and do not worry about the plugging.

Low Temperature 3D Pen

Wiiboox Writer 3D Pen adopts the special PCL filaments that can be melted under the temperature between 50 ℃ to 60 ℃. You do not have to worry about the burning of your children. Every child can use it safely!

One Button Operation

You can see only one button on Wiiboox Writer 3D Pen. With one button, you can do everything!

Colorful Filaments

More than 40 different colors! Draw your colorful ideas with the colorful filaments.

Light & Portable

Wiiboox Writer 3D Pen supports both power adapter and USB charging. You can draw with it anytime and anywhere. Unlimit your ideas with Wiiboox Writer 3D Pen.