Light 215A


High Precision High Efficiency Stability

Standard configuration

  • Light 215A 3D Printer

  • Standard Resin

  • Resin Tank

  • Building Platform

  • Tool Bag

Small Industrial Light-Cured 3D Printer

Light 215A uses leading light-curable 3D printing technology,
which is placed with the liquid photo sensitive resin in a material box.

Building Size:215*135*200mm

The larger forming size not only meets the wider demand for product printing,
but also completes more printing tasks at one time.

Automatic Feeding Intelligent And Convenient

  • 1KG Large capacity material reserve box Low Material Reminder to Ensure Material Adequacy in Printing Area.

  • Automatic detection of supplementary materials Maintaining the Constant Material Quantity and Improving the Reaction Stability of Material.

  • Easy to use Put the material box in the printer and you can start printing. Material attached to the inner wall of the cartridge can flow cleaner and reduce waste easily.

High Precision Smoothness And Complete Details

XY spot size 0.0067㎜² layer thickness 0.025-0.1mm .The printing details are clear and the surface is smooth.
Automatically revise shrinkage, expansion and size optimization to make assembly more consistent.

Higher Printing Efficiency

Printable range about 215*135*15mm per hour.
The advantage of large format makes it more efficient to print multiple jobs.

  • Product:Adult dental membranes



    Printing time:6hours and 52min

  • Product: Game handle Case

    QTY :9pcs


    Printing time:5hours and 13minutes

Collaboration Of Multiple Formed Mesh Building Plates

Rapid replacement, uninterrupted printing, improve the overall efficiency.

Model Processing Software

Simple and fast repairing models, adjusting sizes, adding support and
slicing to produce printed documents.


  • Thickened iron plate and aluminium alloy profile combination frame, high structural strength, low stress, long-term use does not reduce the stability of equipment.
  • Simple forming platform,direct use, no need Leveling stainless steel material, wear resistance, easy to take model
  • Integrated Circuit, Mingwei High Quality Power Supply Control system and printing area can work independently and continuously for a long time.
  • The automatic detection of feeding can keep the material quantity and pressure constant in the printing area, and make the forming more uniform and stable.

Multi-consumables Compatibility
And Multi-application Fields

  • Toughness resin

    Accurate size, low shrinkage, deformation resistance and durability are applied to industrial design verification and small batch production.
  • Dental mould resin

    Low calorie, high hardness, for invisible orthodontics and other dental restoration programs The dental bracket made by us can make the user wear it more comfortable and fit.
  • DIY, artwork, Prototype model resin

    Smooth surface, high detail clarity and rich color.
  • Flexible resin

    High flexibility and resilience It can be used in engineering design verification, wearing products and other experiential testing.