Reeyee Choc

Elaborate Design & Extraordinary Craft

Wiiboox Reeyee-Choc’s design & quality are more delicate compared with other Wiiboox family members. Compact structure, exquisite details, and excellent performance, Wiiboox Reeyee-Choc is dedicated to pursuing perfect user experience and helping its users make perfect presentation of their perfect creations.

Extreme safety & Excellent Quality

All parts of Wiiboox Reeyee Choc that touch the printing materials are made of food grade stainless steel, which is pollution free , safe to eat and easy to clean, and also can be disinfected.

Cool, it was intended.

Not only impressive in appearance,we also designed Reeyee Choc to be powerful, strong, solid and durable.It has a thick metal structure, with a shiny machine casing.In addition, it takes into account the balance between stable high-speed printing and a cool appearance.Obviously, Reeyee Choc is a first-class 3d printer.

Half- enclosed Body

The half-enclosed design with an open window not only keeps your 3D creations from dust and interference, but also makes it easy for manual operation and monitoring. Thus, the whole printing process and your extraordinary creations can be showed transparently.