Wiiboox Reeyee DS Pro 3D Scanner

Technical Parameters Notice: The parameters below are only for your reference.

Scanning Mode Multi-lines scanning, single line scanning Fine Scan
Light Source 26 laser lines + single laser line 5 parallel laser lines
Photogrammetry Built-in scale bar photogrammetry mode
Scanning Accuracy Up to 0.02mm
Volumetric Accuracy* 0.02+0.03 mm/m (standard mode); 0.02+0.015 mm/m (built-in photogrammetry mode)
Scanning Speed 1,850,000 points/s
Suggested Working Distance 300mm 200mm
Max. Depth of Field 170mm-680mm
Max. Single Scanning Area 600 mm×550 mm
Dot Distance 0.05mm-3mm
Classification of Light Class 2M (Human eye safe )
Connectivity USB 3.0
Product Measurement 298 mm x 103.5 mm x 74.5 mm
Product Weight 840g
Power 12V, 5.0A
Working Temperature 0-40℃
Working Moisture 10-90%