Reeyee Pro


High Precision, Smart Full-Color Easy Operation, Visualized Operation


3D scanner is designed for acquiring colorful 3D data of real physical objects. User-friendly, no positioning targets needed. With 2 working modes to meet your different scanning requirements. It is able to work with ArtMapping Software for perfect full color scan.

  • Education and R&D

  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Industrial Design

  • Museology & Furniture

  • VR AR

  • Artistic Design

  • Body Scan

  • Colorful texture scanned data


  • Dual Scanning Mode
    Handheld scanning (Speckle projection) and fixed automatic scanning (Grating stripe projection).
  • Fast and High Accuracy
    The Wiiboox Reeyee Pro Handheld 3D Scanner scans with a speed of 550,000 points per second, and accuracy up to 0.1mm.
  • Natural Color
    Reeyee Pro can capture object shape and color texture information at the same time, the color of the scanning data is real and lifelike.
  • User Friendly
    Scan the moving object in real time 3D mode. At the same time, the screen is automatically aligned in real time.
  • High Resolution
    The scan data has fine details. The resolution can reach up to 0.1mm.
  • Marking Free
    You don’t need to make any marks on the object. Set it up and you can start your first scanning.
  • Portable
    The whole 3D scanner weighs only 0.56kg, small and lightweight. You can scan anywhere and anytime.
  • Safety in Use
    The Wiiboox Reeyee Pro Handheld 3D Scanner uses structured light source, safe to scan the body.