Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer

Wiiboox Light 280 Plus

Mono 5K LCD Resin 3D Printer


Our Advantages

5K Solid Screen

4920*2880 resolution

10.1”Mono Screen

Exposure time 2-3s/Layer

Lager Build Volume


Faster Screen Life

Triple the speed into 40mm/h

LongerScreen Life

Quadruple the life into 2000h

Easier Auto Feeding

Automatic detection and replenishment

ParalleledUltraviolet Source

Light emitting degree of uniformity >85%

UniqueLifting System

Stable and smooth Z-axis lifting

Multi-fan Cooling System

Efficient cooling system to improve printing quality

5K High Resolution, Enjoy the Beauty of Details

Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer adopts the 4920*2880 high resolution 5K solid screen, with only 2μm² spot size and 0.03mm layer thickness. Even complex and tiny detail features can be presented accurately, clearly, completely and easily, providing you with a stable output of high-quality, high-precision printing models.

Qualitative Leap, 10.1’’ Mono Screen

Bigger & No Limitation

With almost unmatched 220*130*280mm large build volume, Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer can complete printing more larger models at one time, which will effectively reduce the disassembly rate and improve the efficiency of batch printing, to bring you a new technology experience -- creation without limitation!

Paralleled Ultraviolet Source, Uniformity >85%

Adopted the paralleled ultraviolet source, the light emitting degree of uniformity of Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer can be greater than 85%. 69 pieces of 405nm UV beads are emitted evenly to ensure that the energy in the printing area is uniform and stable, in order to effectively improve the printing effect and model forming rate.

Unique & Smooth Lifting System

The Z-axis lifting system of Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer adopts the combined structure of ball screw and linear guideway. Although the unit cost is increased by more than 5 times, we think it is worth it. Stable and smooth Z-axis lifting can effectively eliminate the printing layer lines and make the model surface more smooth and delicate, thus reducing the workload of post-processing.

"Green Hand" Can also Play it Easily. Wiiboox Light 280 Plus, a 3D Printer that Knows You Better

Lightweight &
user-friendly design

The Wiiboox Light 280 Plus adopts the color touch screen, which is simple and user-friendly. With only one touch, you can start your journey of creativity easily. Meanwhile, the flip-up front cover design brings a larger range of operating space.

Powerful algorithm, smarter slicing software

The Wiiboox slicing software supports differen user-friendly functions, inclduing model repair, tunneling, cutting and size adjustment with its powerful algorithm. Besides these, it can automatically generate support and easily select the preset printing parameters with only one click. The model processing becomes simpler and more intelligent.

Say goodbye to the tedious manual leveling

You only need to carry out a leveling test when you run the Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer for the first time, and in subsequent use, the platform will be automatically leveled according to the elastic compensation system, so you can say goodbye to frequent manual leveling.

Intelligent auto feeding, automatic detection and replenishme

Support a number of automatic detection of resin material, including that in the material tray and that in the materiall box. In the printing process, the intelligent feeding system will automatically start according to the material remaining in the tray to replenish the resin material to a reasonable height. Therefore, you can leave freely without the worry of material running out when printing large models.

Nano FEP film, easier to release

Compared with the ordinary FEP film, the NFEP film has better light transmittance, lighter release force and faster separation speed. It is also easier to clean with the non-hydrophilic and non-lipophilic properties. Moreover, it has higher temperature resistance, stronger toughness and longer service life.

Multi-fan cooling, efficient cooling

The application of multi-fan heat dissipation design can achieve efficient cooling and ventilation, which is helpful to improve the printing quality, prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance cost.

Secondary curing machine, more worry-free post-processing

The secondary curing machine (optional) is a good helper for the post-treatment of the resin model, and the hardness of the resin model after secondary curing is higher and the surface is cleaner.

Supporting various kinds of resin, more enjoyable creations

Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer supports printing various kinds of resin, including rigid resin, ABS resin, elastic resin and dental resin, which can be used in engineering design, tooling, orthodontics, DIY animation and game figures and other fields.

Standard Rigid Resin

Suitable for printing personalized DIY models, creative designs, garage kits, handicraft models, etc. Resin characteristics: high stability, low odour, low viscosity, good fluidity, rich colors, smooth and delicate surface of the finished print.

ABS Resin

Suitable for industrial design verification, fixture production, small batch parts production, models, handicrafts, etc.. Resin characteristics: high hardness, high toughness, low shrinkage, accurate size of the finished print, and secondary processing.

Elastic Resin

Suitable for sample making and design verification of shoes, seals or other soft products. Resin characteristics: high elasticity, high toughness, high elasticity and softness of the printed product, good resilience, strong tear resistance, can be folded many times without breaking.

Resins for Dental Applications

Resins for dental applications including dental model resin, dental casting resin, dental guide resin and dental restoration resin, widely used in dental restoration, implant guides, orthodontics and other dental fields. Resin characteristics: high stability, low viscosity, smooth surface of the finished print, high precision, good strength and flexibility.