Wiiboox Light 280 Plus LCD 3D Printer

Technical Parameters Notice: The parameters below are only for your reference.

Product Dimensions W400*D345*H490mm
Package Dimensions W520*D465*H600mm
Package Weight About 30 kg
Max. Build Volume 220*130*H280mm (10.1”)
Printing Speed 2-3 Second/layer (0.05 mm)
Printing Technology 5K LCD Light Curing
Wavelength 400 - 405 nm
LCD Working Life 6 Months
Connectivity USB
Operating System Linux
Software Support Windows 7 or up (64 bit)
Operation Screen Touchscreen
3D Data Format STL/Obj
Supported Material rigid resin, ABS resin, elastic resin and dental resin, etc.
Feeding System Auto Detection, Auto Feeding and Resin Forewarning
Capacity of the Material Box 1kg
Spot Size 0.045*0.045mm
Forming Precision ±0.1mm (L≤100mm) or ±0.1% xL (L>100mm)
Layer Thickness 0.03, 0.05, 0.1mm
Isolation Technology Automatic Tilt Separation
Voltage 110/220V
Power 160W