Wiiboox Three FDM 3D Printer

Technical Parameters Notice: The parameters below are only for your reference.

Model Wiiboox Three
Air Filtration 1
Printing Size 28cm*29cm*30cm
Platform Auto-leveling Yes (Semi-Auto Leveling)
Precision 0.05mm
Language Chinese/English
Net Weight 35kg
Printing Material PLA, ABS, Nylon, PC, Carbon fiber. etc.
Nozzle Single (5-300℃)
Video Monitoring YES (Connect to computer)
Screen 5-inch Full color touch screen
Printing Platform Removable Aluminium/Magnetic Platform, heat to 100℃
Cloud Printing
Teamwork Printing
PM2.5 Monitoring
Group Control
3D Scanner Interface
Filament Break Warning
Air filter Replacement Warning
Breakpoint Resume/Power off Resume
Cloud Model Base
Cloud Model Save and Download
Plugable air filter module
Cloud Data Analysis
Remote Warning